How to use this site 

The main purpose of this site is to provide a library of high quality stereo disc images for healthcare professionals involved in glaucoma care. Accompanying the images are clinical disc drawings and OCT images as an aide to highlight the clinical features of each optic disc.

The stereo images require a mirror stereoscope to view them. It may be possible to view them as stereo images by diverging your eyes and separating the two images using a piece of paper or cardboard tubes, but we have been unable to achieve this so for. We have included instructions on building your own low cost stereoscope if one is not available.

This site uses large file sizes for its images and videos (for example the movies are up to 35 megabytes). This will need to be accounted for in areas with limited internet speed. 

Each case is included to highlight a specific clinical teaching point. Every glaucomatous feature is not shown for every image.