What this site is for

Welcome to Glaucoma4K. This is a collection of high quality stereo images of optic discs in glaucoma. 

Most of the images are very large file sizes, and the intention is for them to be very high quality. It is recommended that they are viewed full screen on a high resolution monitor, preferably 4K if available. Please make sure your web browser is set to either full screen at up to 4K screen resolution or a very wide window on higher resolution screens. Some image placement disruptions will happen at smaller widths of the window, particularly with the radial OCT scans.

 The stereo images were taken with a Kowa Nonmyd WX-3D retinal camera, which takes the two stereo images simultaneously a few degrees apart. This eliminates any rotational, location and venous pulsation artefacts, which gives highly accurate registration between the two images, and an excellent stereo image at high resolution.

This collection is from the clinical database of The Eye Surgery Hastings, taken from late 2016 onwards. Included images are of good quality, show a relevant clinical feature and include consent from the patient for this website. 

This website is not a comprehensive teaching tool for someone new to eye care. It assumes a good knowledge of eye anatomy and physiology. Every glaucomatous feature in every image is not identified: each image is included to highlight a specific feature.